About accessible systems, inc.

Accessible Systems, Inc. is built upon the concept that technology should be accessible to all people. We believe that Accessible Digital Information can help all people in the workplace, in education, and in their personal lives. To ensure equal access to digital information, we educate IT manufacturers on accessible design, assist organizations seeking to integrate accessibility into their operational structure, and provide accessibility training to companies and individuals with disabilities.

Our consultants have extensive experience in all phases of information technology accessibility, including:

  • Web Page and Web Application Accessibility Evaluation
  • Software and Hardware Accessibility Evaluation
  • Digital Accessibility Policy and Procedure Development
  • Strategic Planning for Accessibility in Organizational Infrastructure
  • Digital Accessibility Training
  • Section 508 Awareness Training, IT Accessibility Technical Training

Awards and Accomplishments

  • Hammer Award
  • Requirements for Accessible Software Design
  • Encore Achievers Award
  • Microsoft Accessibility Advisor Council

About Terri

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