Accessible Systems, Inc. specializes in helping organizations integrate accessibility into the fabric of their business. We examine all areas of the information technology (IT) infrastructure to identify areas that need program development. Making accessibility an integral part of the information technology structure helps ensure its sustainability. Whether your organization has legislative requirements, wants to benefit by hiring from the millions of qualified people with disabilities around the globe, or needs to ensure that its customers with disabilities have access to the organization's electronic information, Accessible Systems, Inc. can help you create an accessible environment.

The following is a description of the consulting services that we offer. Please contact us if you have any questions or if you are interested in arranging one or more of the services below.

Accessibility Roadmap

Digital Accessibility includes all areas of an organization's IT infrastructure. Accessible Systems, Inc. will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your organization's workflows. With the information from the audit, your organization will know where its weaknesses/barriers are and have an outline to create an accessibility action plan.

  • Evaluate your organization's business structure and identify the units needing an accessibility component.
  • Work closely with each unit to understand the business and identify areas for process engineering.

The result is a detailed integration plan that outlines programs that should be developed for each area of the business. With this plan in hand, your organization will be able to develop, implement and support accessibility throughout the company.

Once you have conducted an internal audit and determined areas of integration, Accessible Systems, Inc. can help you develop a detailed Action Plan that will walk you, step by step, through the process of developing, implementing and supporting an IT Accessibility Program.

To ensure that accessibility becomes a part of your overall business objectives, policies and procedures are necessary. Accessible Systems, Inc. has years of experience developing:

  • policies
  • procedures
  • processes

that integrate accessibility into the fabric of an organization. Examples of policies and procedures include Web and Software Accessibility Policies, Accessibility Testing Procedures, Procurement Policies, Checklists and Tools for Accessibility Compliance, and much more.

Expert Witness Work

Terri Youngblood Savage provides the following expert witness services:

  • Website Accessibility Investigations
  • Expert Witness Testimony for Web Accessibility

Over the past 10 years Terri has completed over 100 website accessibility evaluations for the Federal Government, Industry, Legal Organizations. Her experience in these investigations has resulted in many success website accessibility transformations.

As a digital accessibility expert her duties included working with counsel to review plaintiff complaints, performing assessments of the websites, designing remediation strategies, monitoring corrective website accessibility work and mediation. Terri can perform digitasl accessibility assessments and provide documentation required to validate a case or evaluate a claim.