At Accessible Systems, Inc., we believe that proper training is key to ensuring accessibility and vital to the implementation of a successful Section 508 strategy. Our staff of industry experts has an in-depth knowledge of Section 508 requirements and a clear understanding of the needs of people with disabilities.

Web Page and Application Accessibility - Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)

We offer several webinar courses to teach developers, designers and testers the WCAG guidelines.

  • Introduction to Digital Accessibility
  • Web Accessibility 101
  • Web Accessibility 201
  • Web Accessibility Manual Testing

Introduction to Section 508

  • What is the Law?
  • How does it apply?
  • What are the standards?
  • Who does it help?
  • How does it help?
  • Can I be sued?

Document Accessibility

We offer several webinar courses to teach people how to create Accessible documents.

  • Word Accessibility
  • PDF Accessibility
  • Word to PDF Accessibility
  • PowerPoint Accessibility

Client Software Accessibility – Section 508 Standards

  • Introduction to Digital Accessibility
  • Software Accessibility 101
  • Software Accessibility 201
  • Accessibility Manual Testing